More X-Pro1 reviews

I just go my X-Pro1 Friday afternoon. In the mean time, here are a few links to some reviews I find interesting.

Nick Devlin for Luminous Landscape: part 1 and part 2:

.The X-Pro1 is an interesting creature. This is not a camera which provokes indifference. In my brief time with it, X-Pro1 has left me excited, thrilled, satisfied, irritated and perplexed.

The review tries to be as objective as possible. I like that.

Also, Petteri Sulonen: Camera pr0n: The Fuji X-Pro 1 – First Impressions.

What slide film taught me

The essay What slide film taught me from Luminous Landscape relate what I basically feel about film photography, what happened with digital:

With digital, I have become sloppy. I can fix it in post processing – whether it is exposure (thanks to “RAW headroom”) or framing – crop with a few of clicks of the mouse. This has undoubtedly led to a lower quality of photographs.

I bought last year a Mamiya C-220 and rediscovered shooting film. Not that I got rid of the film gear I was using before, just that a TLR on medium format led me this new experience. I have been very happy with the result and the yield. I shoot mostly color negative with it, and this, with the scanning, offer some of the head room that slide do not offer. Still, thinking the shot makes my photography better.

Mamiya C-220, Mamiya Sekor 105mm f3.5, 1/60 f/8 – Kodak Ektar 100 negative film

X-Pro1 reviews

Fuji X-Pro1 reviews are starting to appear.

Japan Camera hunter ask whether the Fuji X-Pro1 is the first real consumer rangefinder or not.

It could be said that this site has a bias towards film cameras, but that is not entirely true. I just don’t often find digital cameras that I like. Until now….

It should be noted also that:

Let’s just be clear though….This is not actually a rangefinder camera. It is a rangefinder ‘style’ camera. This is a mirrorless digital camera and is not actually using a rangefinder system.

Nonetheless the question raised is whether the X-Pro1 can replace a rangefinder cameras. The X-100 seems to be making people happy.

Then Zack Arias who loved his X-100 got offered to test the X-Pro1.

… as I unboxed it I think I said OMG 26 times in a row.

And he did. See his series on Dubai 01, 02, 03, 04.

Last but not least. Roel was lucky to get a sample on loan by Fujifilm and got a First Look at the X-Pro1:

Fujifilm claimed that they would get full frame sensor quality out of a compact camera when they announced the X-Pro1. I believe that they have largely achieved that goal.

Image quality on overall has to rock if you want to satisfy rangefinder users. The current samples look promising.

I can’t wait to get mine.