Taking pictures requires some equipment. At minimum a camera, and if it is not digital, some film. Equipment and gear is just a tool. Some are better than other for some purpose and according to the taste of the photographer.

The camera gear encompass everything that directly impact shooting and the image quality like the camera, the lens, flashes, etc. This exclude film.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera
My X-Pro1 setup in February 2017

Film is the second important part defining the image quality with film camera. Film photography sometime called “analogue photography”, on a decline since the early 2000 is still very common amongst art photographers.

  • Goodbye Kodachrome the end of the film the revolutionized color photography with a still unique process and an unbeatable longevity. December 30th 2010 was the last day of Kodachrome.

Surrounding your gear, there are accessories.

  • Bags are important to carry your gear. It is not only about the look but about the practical use and the protection. I like the Thinktank Retrospective a lot in various sizes for both travel and casual.


(Updated September 28th 2018)