X-Pro1 reviews

Fuji X-Pro1 reviews are starting to appear.

Japan Camera hunter ask whether the Fuji X-Pro1 is the first real consumer rangefinder (archived from the original) or not.

It could be said that this site has a bias towards film cameras, but that is not entirely true. I just don’t often find digital cameras that I like. Until now…

It should be noted also that:

Let’s just be clear though… This is not actually a rangefinder camera. It is a rangefinder ‘style’ camera. This is a mirrorless digital camera and is not actually using a rangefinder system.

Nonetheless the question raised is whether the X-Pro1 can replace a rangefinder cameras. The X-100 seems to be making people happy.

Then Zack Arias who loved his X-100 got offered to test the X-Pro1.

… as I unboxed it I think I said OMG 26 times in a row.

And he did. See his series on Dubai 01, 02, 03, 04.

Last but not least. Roel was lucky to get a sample on loan by Fujifilm and got a First Look at the X-Pro1:

Fujifilm claimed that they would get full frame sensor quality out of a compact camera when they announced the X-Pro1. I believe that they have largely achieved that goal.

Image quality on overall has to rock if you want to satisfy rangefinder users. The current samples look promising.

I can’t wait to get mine.