Riffing in the key of Ricoh

Gregory Simpson explains how he found himself to buy a Ricoh GRX.

And, truth be told, when Ricoh released the GXR in late 2009, my impression was one of disinterest. Although I found the idea intriguing (a user replaceable sensor), I didn’t much care for the execution — I simply had no need for any of the camera’s available lens modules.

I you read the other writings from Gregory, you’ll realise he is not a big fan of digital. Yes it is a tool, but the trend of treating digital cameras like consumer electronic let him (and other photographer) disappointed. But…

In actuality, my interest wasn’t fully aroused until a second year passed and Ricoh released yet another new module for the GXR — one with a new sensor designed specifically to take advantage of M-mount lenses.

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