Fujifilm upgrades

Pondering an upgrade, even though I haven’t shot much lately, actually since the pandemic started in 2020. I must actually be suffering from GAS at that point. So let’s keep it at nerding over camera.

First, rumor has that the Fujifilm X-Pro4 will not be for this year ­— it’s just a rumor. I wanted to upgrade on that front as I still enjoy using my X-Pro1. This is why somewhat I am looking at the X100 VI as a compacter solution in that form factor. The catch is that it only is available for pre-orders, and my local camera store doesn’t have any to demo. Not sure what to do. Let’s keep at lusting.

Also, the XT-50 was just announced, which isn’t a path I’m gonna take anyway.

I could be considering the X-S20 as an addition mostly because it has the tilt-screen which mean that it has a bit what I’m looking for video, ever since my G7X MkII decided to stop working. Not that the X-T3 is not capable, but the tilt-screen remains a game changer and I like to keep a photography camera at the ready.